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When the Church Gathers Again to Worship

My wife turned on our church's recording of the message on the morning of March 22, 2020. Our pianist played and two strong men in the Lord sang a song, all to a crowd of themselves and our pastor. I can only imagine the strange and lonely feeling our pastor had as he stood in the same pulpit, and preached toward empty seats.

I'm sure he could imagine the faces he'd normally see and the handshakes he'd normally give to many that gathered. I'm sure our minister of music would love to have seen the body singing together passionately in worship to our Lord. It must've been tough.

The effects of the coronavirus have been tough on everyone. Many who long to sit beside their families and friends aren't able to. Christians, all of which long to meet together to worship, are not able to gather together physically. It's not easy, but we're going to get through it.

When the Time Comes Again

Nothing compares to hearing and being a part of a local gathering of Christians who are singing to God with all sincerity. When the focus is not on ourselves, but on who God is, it's so great! He deserves the glory. If we're honest, sometimes we take it all for granted.

Sometimes we show up for worship and our minds are on other things. Maybe we're thinking about the football game that's coming on, or where a couple finally comes to an agreement on where lunch will be consumed. This happens to all of us.

As I was witnessing the scene described above on my wife's smartphone, it made me think more deeply about something I'd been thinking of earlier in the week:

We're so blessed when we get to worship together!

With that being said, I think we should think about that when and until we return. How much of a blessing will it be when we get to gather again and worship together! Will we worship God by listening intently to the sermon? Will we give our pastor our full attention as he preaches from God's Word? Will we sing passionately, with all sincerity, worship songs that glory God in spirit and truth? I sure hope so!

I don't know about you, but I'm so ready to return. Lord willing, we will soon. Though "soon" is difficult to define.

But for now...

Until then, may we listen intently to our live streams and non-live recordings. May we spend time in God's Word. May we pray for the sick and those who own small businesses, and for those making decisions for our nation. May we trust God during this time because He is faithful, sovereign, gracious, and merciful.

While we're all gathered in our homes, maybe with two, three or more, may we choose to worship God. Matthew 18:20 tells us:

"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst."

We've put together a list of awesome worship songs to use in 2020 if you need something to sing along with.

May we trust God with this. He has overcome the world (John 16:33). I hope to see my local church members again, and I'm sure you hope for the same. God bless.

May we worship our God in spirit and truth! He is worthy!

Justin at Sound in Worship

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