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Have you ever noticed how worship music doesn't fall from the sky? When you sing a song of praise to God you can be sure the words did not arrange themselves. It's also very likely that the song you're singing was passed down to you by many others before you.

Why should one think about this concept of music not spontaneously creating itself? Here are a couple of reasons why:

It Reveals Why Music is Chosen

Over the last few decades, certain groups have dominated the worship music world. Bethel Music, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, and Elevation are a few household names for professing Christians.

When these groups started gaining popularity, researching them was not nearly as easy as it is today. While the lyrics of many songs from these groups should have been a red flag, generations of professing Christians sought to accept more and discern less. What other explanation is there for where we are now?

Times have changed, it is now very easy to research public ministries accurately. Ministries have a large online presence with loads of their own content at the world's fingertips. It's important to let ministries speak for themselves. All of the above named examples have been speaking loud and clear for many years. There is no guessing as to what they're about.

So, they're here and they're popular. With that fact comes a strange group. The group is made up of those who know the serious issues with these groups yet find ways to justify using their content. This reveals that they're only using their content because it's popular.

It's kind of like saying, "well, their music is popular, so we should use some of it." If Bethel, Hillsong, Elevation, etc. were not popular their music would not be used at all. It gained popularity and now it is defended by the common reason of "some of the lyrics are true". You could make that argument for any person in history who has ever set out to write music in any genre.

This leads to the next point.

Who Do You Want to Support?

Knowing that other groups and artists exist, of which do not participate in the strange behavior of Bethel Church, why wouldn't we seek to support these other sources? Why not help out the groups that have been all but drowned out by the most popular groups of today? Why not encourage the creation of doctrinally rich worship music? Why not support ministries who preach the gospel well and do not preach the prosperity gospel?

Worship music doesn't fall from the sky. It is created because certain groups create songs that have success. "Success" should come from writing biblically accurate lyrics around great music. Until our generation starts discerning and stops pretending that accepting anything under the sun is an act of humility, the same music will prevail. Churches will continue to sing shallow songs and encourage the most popular groups to "keep it up". It's currently a goal to seek whatever ensures no one is offended, except for those who see careful discernment as a biblical command.

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