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Sound in Worship had an idea to create a Bible reference app that is unlike many, if not all, Bible reference apps available. The idea came from our developer's love of using data in an effective way. The Bible is full of references to locations and it cross-references itself thousands of times. There have also been many musical pieces that were written based on Scripture. We want to help point users to sound references, and ultimately influence more study of the most important text in existence, God's Word.

The app will continue to grow, but let's take a look at some of the features the app has.

Music to Bible Verse References

The Refer Bible reference app contains a normal Bible reader, but it features a few tabs that are unique to Bible reference apps.

The first feature to point out is the Music tab. This tab allows you to find music (hymns now and more to come) that reference Scripture. For instance, if your pastor is preaching on Genesis 2:4 this week, you would find the hymn "All Things Bright and Beautiful" by Cecil Francis Alexander. The app will show you the lyrics to that song. This could be a great tool for Worship Pastors to use to find hymns that reference Bible passages.

The picture below shows the layout of that tab.

Refer Screenshot 1

See Biblical Locations from a Chapter

The next tab shows locations of the chapter you're reading when locations are mentioned. You can click on a reference in the bottom left to see it on the map. You can basically read as normal and view locations as you're going along. To me, this is helpful in picturing where you're reading about.

Refer Screenshot 2

Thousands of Cross References

No, that header was not a pun, but it could've been a pretty good one. This app can quickly show references to thousands of Bible verses. For instance, you can quickly see that Genesis 2:2 can be seen as a cross reference to Hebrews 4:4.

Whether you're studying God's Word in your daily study, or you're a pastor who is seeking cross-references, this app can help you get there quickly.

Refer Screenshot 3

Use and Share the App!

You can find the app on the Google Play Store, and we hope to build out an iOS version as soon as possible. Your support can help make that happen. You can become a patron and support what Sound in Worship is doing. We currently have an online version that should work well for iOS users in the meantime.

We want everyone to understand that this app is completely free though! Please help us by using and sharing the app with friends and family.

Jump into the app and start reading God's Word!

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