Should My Church Sing IHOP Songs for Worship?


Sound in Worship recently received an inquiry to have IHOP (International House of Prayer) music added to our website. We feel that the inquiry was genuine, and we welcome any request. This often gives us a chance to take a look at an artist that many may have questions about. We responded with the following.

Sound in Worship's Response

I truly appreciate you contacting us to request for music to be added. As you may have seen on our pages, our desire is to discern music in love. In order to do that, we believe we must be obedient to God and His infallible Word.

After researching, I feel convicted that IHOP is not a source of music we are willing to add to our lists of recommended music. The following is concerning about IHOP:

According to carm.org, Mike Bickle, the leader and founder of IHOP, is known for strange and false teaching. CARM quotes Mike saying the following:

“I (Mike Bickle) stood there and I was at the Lord’s left hand, and it was not a dream--this was as real as life here and like I said, I don’t know that realm... He (God) was speaking so sternly to me, He said, ‘If you are impatient...you will cause great turmoil and much trouble for many people.’ I was ashamed and I was broken with sorrow that He said that so harshly to me. And then what happened is that I start falling so rapidly--I mean like--S-H-O-O-O-M, it takes about five or six seconds, and fall down to my bed, right through the ceiling--I mean it was right through the walls and things--S-H-O-O-O-M, I hit my bed and it wasn’t like an instant I was there--I had knowledge of travel for five or six seconds. Have you had that?”

CARM cites that quote at: Gruen, Ernie. Documentation of the Aberrant Practices and Teachings of Kansas City Fellowship (Grace Ministries). Shawnee, KS. No date. .deceptionbytes.com/AberrentDoctrinesKCF

Another trusted source, gotquestions.org, has the following resource that mentions IHOP's practices of mysticism and word-faith doctrine. Their article can be found at: https://www.gotquestions.org/International-House-of-Prayer-IHOP.html.

We believe that God must be worshiped in spirit and truth based on John 4:24: "God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth." IHOP's strange practices lead us to believe that, in many ways, their ministry is not abiding by God's command in Scripture.

Sound in Worship has not had the opportunity to write on the subject specifically, but we do have a resource called "Contemporary Worship in Truth (Not Trend)" which can be found at: Contemporary Worship in Truth (Not Trend). This article speaks on many of the issues found with popular worship artists today.

For those reasons, we are unable to add IHOP's music, but we sincerely appreciate the suggestion and welcome other suggestions.

We Mean That

We sincerely appreciate and welcome any questions about artists; especially those with a large impact. We want to provide a biblical response so that churches and all Christians who read our material can make informed decisions about worship music. You can find our contact info by clicking the envelope icon above.

May we worship our God in spirit and truth! He is worthy!

Justin at Sound in Worship

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