The Perfect Facebook Group Post

Panama City Beach, FL - November 20, 2021

In a viral post, posted in a popular Christian Facebook group, Iam Thestandard makes some points that I think we all should benefit from.

Read the post below:

Iam Thestandard
• 1h •

I joined this group 45 minutes ago, and I am appalled at what I have seen so far. Make no mistake, I have seen enough to know how the ENTIRE group feels. It is evident! All 26,983 of you!

You see, I hold a very specific theological belief, and at least two members expressed that they disagreed with me. While their words weren't rude and even seemed to be well thought out, I know in my heart that they are vile and in serious error! They're also very judgemental.

Admins, the fact that their comments have not been removed yet is all the proof I need to know exactly how each one of you feels! Every single post I've seen today has been full of hate and judgment. It shows that you don't really care. End the free speech and become the leaders you signed up to be!

Where is your love? What are other people, who are exactly like me, going to think when they join this group? I do not enjoy it at all. The fact that the admins approve so many posts with differing opinions is disgusting. It's not enough for me to be able to comment on those posts with my reply. The posts should've never been approved.

I am miserable in this group!!! I just wanted to make this post so that all of you could see the truth. I'll be praying for each one of you to come to the light and to stop judging one another. I won't be reading any comments so don't bother. I'll also be leaving the group unless something changes in the next few moments.

Need a Scripture reference? Try reading the first 2 words of Matthew 7:1. Then come back and tell me I'm wrong. I'll wait.

Be blessed.


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Those were some excellent points. I don't know how anyone could read that post and not make a complete 180 in their social media life. There was one comment from a deranged commenter (a Norm Alperson) who thought the post wasn't perfect:

Norm Alperson
Iam Thestandard I actually hold the theological belief you hold, but I have learned from others in this group. I think it's refreshing to see others share their biblically backed-up arguments. There have been times where I disagree strongly with a post, but I just kept scrolling. I know that a few people are not capable of speaking for the entire group. I also know that this is just a Facebook group, so it may not be as serious as you think. 🤷

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The gall. How could anyone disagree with Iam Thestandard on this?

Silly me, it's not like this kind of thing happens often with Christians on Facebook. Christians are able to have mature conversations with each other and always have a genuine love for their brothers and sisters. We never see one another getting unnecessarily angry on social media.

I mean, we're always quick to hear, slow to speak, and slow to anger so it's almost impossible for a situation like the one above to happen. I'm thankful it's so rare!

Satirically yours,

Justin at Sound in Worship

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