A Huge Failure

If you're reading this, and you are, I hope it's the first blog post or any reading material that you've read on this website. I want to put things into perspective.

The writer of what you're reading is a huge failure. In fact, the idea of this website was born out of past failures. I'll start with some original failures that didn't directly impact this website, part of my testimony.

I claimed to be saved at an early age, and I thought I understood what it meant to be saved for many years, but my actions said otherwise.

After believing in Jesus Christ's death and resurrection and repenting of my sins years ago (around the end of college), I can recall that I was a slave to my sinful desires up until that time, especially toward the end of high school and in college.

I was a lustful, selfish, immoral, and, again, sinful, young man. I would've told you I was a Christian, and I would've gotten angry if you said you weren't. I preached humility but I wasn't humble.

If you knew me then, I apologize. I was a terrible example.

About a decade after professing Christ before my small church at the time and being baptized as a testament to that, I can say that the Lord was extremely gracious and merciful to call me out of darkness and to show me what it means to start being sanctified and to be truly saved.

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So, there's a little about Justin Rea, the writer of this post. Now here's a little more:

Some years ago, I started listening to Wretched Radio, Justin Peters, and more. They warned, out of love, about the dangers of some church movements and that are made popular by worship music artists. I'll let you check out our blog section for details on that.

A little bit before finding these great ministries, I was singing songs from those artists without blinking an eye. I even led a few small worship services with their music. In some respects, I had good intentions, but I was being ignorant.

I was singing lyrics that I didn't quite understand, and songs from artists who promote the false teachings of their churches. I had no idea, and that's part of why I made this website.

Again, it was an idea born out of failures. I wanted to create a website that highlighted solid and biblically sound worship music because that kind of worship music glorifies God. To my shame, I didn't care enough about that before.

I have always loved music and even dabbled at creating music for a time. I'm glad I wasn't successful in that (maybe one day), but I had an unsound frame of mind at that time.

I created this website so that you could come and find and seek God-glorifying worship music with me. If you're looking for someone who has it all figured out, you didn't find that person, but I pray that you will take this journey with us.

May God be glorified, for He is so very worthy! May we thank Him for His mercy and love!

I wanted you to find this perspective first. Let's discern worship music out of loving motives, not "I told you so!”s. Let's proclaim truth with words graciously seasoned in salt, like we've needed correction before as well. May we also seek and accept correction from our brothers and sisters in Christ who love us enough to lovingly inform us.

We're glad you're here. You may now head to our blog, playlist, or any page you desire, if you desire.

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May we worship our God in spirit and truth! He is worthy!

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