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Commentary from Discernment

Worship Music Commentary is a growing database filled with commentary on worship music from ages past to present. The approach is this: let's build a tool for discerning Christians to use for finding solid worship music. It is designed to point out songs to avoid as well.

Key Things to Understand

This page is not meant to serve as the "arbiter" for sound worship music, but it is designed to provide honest commentary on worship music that can be used when considering a song. To see a strong analysis on what to look for in a worship song, check out this Balm in Gilead article written by Bryan J Emerson.

What This Tool Can Be Used For

This tool can be used for worship leaders to find songs that are relevant for next week's sermon or any church event.

Sound in Worship's mission is to discern worship music in love. We do not seek to be an angry discernment "ministry", but we do seek to help guard brothers and sisters from blatant false teaching ministries. We want to point fellow Christians to rich and theologically sound worship music.

Criteria for Commentary in this Database

Want to be a part of this database? Fill out this form to submit your honest commentary on a song. If it aligns with the mission of Sound in Worship it will be added in the tool above! Keep in mind that we do accept submissions with differing opinions as we are not the standard of truth. However, entries promoting NAR groups and the like will not be approved.

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