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21 Worship Songs 2021

21 songs to check out in 2021

A Huge Failure

Read this before you read anything else on this website!

Breaking the Chains of Worship Music Lyrics

Have you ever listened to Contemporary Christian Music or "worship music" and thought you were hearing the same lines and messages too often?

Chris Tomlin for Worship Services?

Should our church use Chris Tomlin's music in worship services? A fair analysis.

Contemporary Worship in Truth (Not Trend)

Truth is obviously important in any act of worship as Jesus is the Truth. Jesus said in John 4:23-24...

Digital Discernment - A How To

Discerning the content we view online, on apps, and in any digital way...

Discerning with the Right Motives

God's Word instructs us to discern, but how do we know we're discerning in the way He intends?

How to Approach Singing Music in Worship

So how should the body approach worshiping God with His creation of music?

How to Ask Your Church to Change Its Worship Music

You've recently studied and realized that the music your church is using for worship service is coming from bizarre false teachers...

How to Choose a Solid Worship Song

It can be difficult to choose a solid and biblical worship song...

I'm Tired of the Goofy Gospel

I'm tired of hearing and reading about a goofy gospel. I'm very tired of seeing people fall away from the faith...

Reckless Love: The Catechism

A thorough article written by Bryan J Emerson on the popular song worship song...

Shopping for Worship Music

You can have a church that has a nearly flawless statement of faith, who preaches against false teaching by using the Bible, and who preaches the gospel, but the strange thing about that is it doesn't apply to the worship music being used.

Should Christians Avoid Certain Genres?

Christians seem to have different stances when it comes to this question. In this article, I will give my own stance, in which I intend to appeal to Scripture.

Should Churches Follow Orders from Government About Worship and Singing?

We can obey it when they're giving us commands that do not cause us to sin, but not when it's commanding us to sin.

Should My Church Sing Bethel Music Songs for Worship?

Should your church be using Bethel Music songs for worship services? Many churches are...

Should My Church Sing IHOP Songs for Worship?

Sound in Worship recently received an inquiry to have IHOP (International House of Prayer) music added to our website. We feel that the inquiry was genuine, and we welcome any request.

Should My Church Sing North Point InsideOut's Songs for Worship?

North Point InsideOut is a worship music band that was formed in Andy Stanley's mega church, North Point Community Church...

Should my Church Use Planetshakers Music for Worship Services?

Should our church use Planetshakers music in worship services?

Straw Man Worship Music Arguments

The most common straw man arguments received when discerning worship music...

The Sound in Worship Podcast

Check out the Sound in Worship podcast! Find it on your favorite podcast app, or head over to our

Why We Shouldn't Sing the "Good" Songs from "Bad" Sources in Worship

To me, it doesn't matter how great a songwriter is or how talented a musician is, if someone is in the common practice of...

Worship Leaders MUST Use the Music of False Teachers

Some common objections I come across when someone tells me they've talked to their worship leader about using music from false teaching...

Worship Music Doesn't Fall From the Sky

Have you ever noticed how worship music doesn't fall from the sky?

Worship Music With Millennials

How postmodernism has impacted modern worship music and the Christian walk.

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