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Should Churches Follow Orders from Government About Worship and Singing?

no singing in church

We can obey it when they're giving us commands that do not cause us to sin, but not when it's commanding us to sin.

When the Church Gathers Again to Worship

gooofy gospel

I'm sure our minister of music would love to have seen the body singing together passionately in worship to our Lord.

Worship Songs to Listen to in Tough Times

gooofy gospel

We all go through tough times in this life. We need to remember who God is...

I'm Tired of the Goofy Gospel

gooofy gospel

I'm tired of hearing and reading about a goofy gospel. I'm very tired of seeing people fall away from the faith...

Should My Church Sing IHOP Songs for Worship?


Sound in Worship recently received an inquiry to have IHOP (International House of Prayer) music added to our website. We feel that the inquiry was genuine, and we welcome any request.

Should My Church Sing North Point InsideOut's Songs for Worship?


North Point InsideOut is a worship music band that was formed in Andy Stanley's mega church, North Point Community Church...

Why We Shouldn't Sing the Good Songs from Bad Sources in Worship

write lyrics pen

To me, it doesn't matter how great a songwriter is or how talented a musician is, if someone is in the common practice of...

How to Approach Singing Music in Worship

singing in worship

So how should the body approach worshiping God with His creation of music?

How to Tell Your Church to Change Its Worship Music

tell your church

You've recently studied and realized that the music your church is using for worship service is coming from bizarre false teachers...

The Best Worship Lyrics and Why We Love Them

lyrics written

As we're singing or listening, some lyrics stand out to us. What sets some lyrics apart from others?

Should My Church Sing Bethel Music Songs for Worship?

Which Songs Should Your Church Choose for Worship?

Should your church be using Bethel Music songs for worship services? Many churches are...

Great Examples: CityAlight and more...

church music

Great examples of music by CityAlight and more. Find examples about biblical songwriting and the importance of sound doctrine.

How to Choose a Solid Worship Song


It can be difficult to choose a solid and biblical worship song...

20 Awesome Worship Songs to Use in 2020


If your praise band or worship team is looking for new worship music...

Contemporary Worship in Truth (Not Trend)

Concert Crowd

Truth is obviously important in any act of worship as Jesus is the Truth. Jesus said in John 4:23-24...