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    Help Us Change How Our Generation Chooses Worship Music

    We face a time where our brothers and sisters in Christ choose not to look into where their worship music is coming from. Many churches are choosing music from artists who teach strange, bizarre, and ultimately false doctrine.

    You can help by sharing our content. Our content is designed to graciously inform the church about unsound music, and to offer biblical and theologically rich worship music ideas and resources.

    You can also help by contacting us and letting us know what you think. We don't have it all figured out, but we can seek to be obedient to Christ together.

    We want to influence change in the way Christians choose worship music. We want to provide resources that help churches find biblically sound music. With the right information, our generation can focus on worship music that glorifies God. We want to help influence that.

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    What does it mean to discern music in love?

    Anyone can set out to discern something with the wrong motives. It seems very popular today for many blogs and websites to go after the latest stories of someone "messing up". It's like they're just waiting to pounce on the next controversial story! Sound in Worship does not want to be a part of that! We desire to discern music in love. Unfortunately, there are artists in the Christian music world that the church needs to be informed about. Discerning and informing with loving motives is still very doable. This should be our only approach.

    We not only seek to let the church know about artists who are unfortunately promoting false teaching, but we even more so desire to fill the worship leader and car ride listener's music library with songs that are theologically rich and sound in doctrine. You may be surprised to discover awesome music you haven't heard of. May we worship our God in spirit and truth!

    This is a place for worship leaders and music lovers to find biblically sound music. That's our goal! We believe that some of the most popular artists today are not a sound choice for worship music, and we realize that's an unpopular opinion. Our motivation is to follow God's standard of worshipping Him in spirit and truth (John 4:23). We feel, and see evidence, that the current overwhelming theme in contemporary worship is...

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